Why Was Earth Day Created

Why Was Earth Day Created?

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Well, it’s time to really remember MJ and his best hit ‘Earth’ song. Apparently what he said in his song was absolutely right; ‘What have done to the world? Look what have we done.’ After all the injustice we have done to mother nature and the Earth it’s time to remind ourselves why we celebrate earth day in the first place. It just feels like we have just made it a formality but now we are running out of time. This time we really need to come together and save the Earth and its essence.

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Let’s not let the earth cry anymore and let’s undo the abuse & foulness we have been doing with the earth. Come let’s celebrate this Earth Day by educating ourselves and those around us. 

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Origins Of Earth Day

Earth Day 2023

Gaylord Nelson, a Republican from Wisconsin who was appoint to the U.S. Senate in 1962, was resolve to persuade the government at large that the environment; the earth was in danger. And finally in 1969 after putting in all the effort and gathering leaders to support his ideology, he declared the notion of ‘Earth Day inspired by teach-ins regarding the anti-Vietnam war. Nelson said that he had planned a massive, community environmental protest to upend the political landscape and bring this problem to the forefront of national attention.

The story was carried away with the force of the wind to every coast. The reaction was electrifying. It started to spread like wildfire. From all throughout the nation, mail, correspondence, and phone calls came in with questions. Subsequently having a platform to voice their worry over what was going on with their environment; land, air, and water, the US people did this with incredible fervor.

The movement gained momentum with activists joining it and led by Denis Hayes a former president of the student body at Stanford University. The success part may be considered that a huge number of bureaucrats joined in too.

The community initiative behind Earth Day was what made it successful. Nelson added that the movement lacked the resource to put all these together. But the hundreds of schools & colleges and community organizations that took part, in addition to the 20 million marchers. That was the unique aspect of Earth Day. It did so on its own.

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The First Earth Day In April 1970

The first Earth Day was a huge success in 1969. that it developed into a custom to be honored globally. 1970 saw the inauguration of this big Day, which was observed on April 22. Rallies and marches were held all throughout America. Senator Lindsay, Paul Newman, and many other famous personalities delivered speeches.

Congressmen went to deliver speeches at different venues. People were awakened about their duties towards the environment using unique approaches. A number of singers, including Pete Seeger, performed and gave stagings. 

It was successful in changing public perceptions and raising the consciousness of environmental challenges. As Senator Nelson subsequently said, 1970 marked the official start of the “Environmental decade.”

Considering the people’s changed view and positive lookout for the environment, a number of pollution-control acts were passed. Pollution and Public health emerged as the most significant aspects of this movement.


Who Started Earth Day?

If you are thinking it’s just some regular day celebrate in the US then buddy you are wrong, Earth Day goes Global. It was originally the ideology of Senator Gaylord Nelson.

What Do You Do For Earth Day?

This celebration is kind of a big deal it is a global celebration. Various non-profit organizations set up themes, marches, rallies, speeches, and conferences. In 2002 it was a clean energy theme and almost 183 countries took participation. As over 5000 activist groups are currently engage in spreading awareness and educating people about the environment. 
So don’t you sit back this Earth Day 2023 and get together with your friends and family to serve a cause by engaging in some meaningful activities.

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