When Your Partner Is Not Sexually Attracted To You

When Your Partner Is Not Sexually Attracted To You

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When your partner is not sexually attracted to you, it can birth tonnes of doubts in that little brain of yours. For instance ‘Are they asexual?’, ‘Are they cheating on you?’ or ‘Is my body seems to repel them?’ and so on and on. The Human mind is sometimes capable of making worst assumptions in unfortunate situations than it really is. Don’t be harsh on yourself. It might turn out that your situation is “not-so-bad” after all.

That’s why analyzing your circumstances is very essential to reach any outcome. So worry not, here we have cited some tips & points for you to ease yourself and revive that lost spark between you and your partner.

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What Could Be The Reasons For No Sexual Attraction?

What Could Be The Reasons For No Sexual Attraction?

There are no fixed reasons why ‘your partner to you’ or ‘you to your partner’ is not sexually attracted. Because it depends on the individuals in the relationship, their level of maturity, and understanding. Since we have studied lots of cases to derive the causes and effects in this article, we have stumbled upon some frequent reasons for a lost spark of sexual chemistry in the relationship. Some of them are;

1. Emotionally and sexually distance:

Your closeness and connection may be hampered by unsolved arguments, resentment, rage, or trust difficulties between you or your significant other. You can also feel left out, unappreciated, or distanced from your relationship. These elements might gradually and dramatically cause one’s partner’s sexual interest to diminish.  

2. No sexual chemistry:

There are a number of factors that can lead to reduced compatibility over time. Such as a dearth of communication, emotional intimacy, newness, or freshness. When you are together, you might not experience any significant physical chemistry. You might not like to kiss, cuddle, or engage in sexual activity with your spouse. When you see or touch your spouse, you might not feel passionate, enthralled, or eager.

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3. In love but not sexually attracted:

You value your partner’s heart, mind, and soul. You admire them as a person, confident, and their nature. You do not, however, long for their body, their touch, or their kiss. You don’t experience the excitement, fire, or spark that they cause to burn within you. 

4. Sexual Dysfunction:

It might be possible that your relationship with your partner was once at the peak of euphoria. But due to psychological distress such as anxiety and depression or other physiological conditions, one may get struck by erectile dysfunction or FSDs(in females) which can again result in reduced sexual connection. However, you can try Nizagara 100 Mg, Tadalista 20 or Femalegra 100(Female Viagra) for those issues.

5. Daily life elements:

Your life is a whirlwind of deadlines, demands, and duties. Your partner’s life is no different. You barely have a moment to breathe, let alone to make love. Your body suffers from your bad choices: cigarettes, booze, couch potato. Your partner’s body suffers too. Your sex drive is a distant memory, crushed by stress, exhaustion, pills, low testosterone levels, or illness. You can guess the obvious now. 

6. Sexuality preference:

As we discussed before ‘asexuality’ might also be a problem of no sexual attraction. It is important to note that asexuality is a valid and normal variation of human sexuality, just like any other sexual orientation.

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How Important Is Sexual Attraction In A Relationship?

Sexual attraction or good sex in a relationship is as important as air for all living beings. In fact, it is scientifically proven healthy for a happy and satisfied life. Sexual attraction plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining intimacy between partners, as it fosters a deeper emotional connection and enhances overall relationship satisfaction and sexual health.

However, it is important to recognize that not all relationships are solely based on sexual attraction, and individuals can have fulfilling partnerships without them. In fact, you can find these types of relationships in India which are usually based on spiritualism.  Ultimately, the importance of sexual attraction in a relationship varies for each individual and couple. 

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Bringing Back The Spark In A Relationship 

Everyone once had initial sexual chemistry at the peak level in the early stages of their relationship but as time passed they grew apart leading to no sexual attraction. Or it might be possible that they didn’t think it through while getting into one. But whatever might be the cause of the lost spark there is always a solution. Just like every lock has a key.  

  • Give the physical attraction time to develop. If it is just the beginning of a relationship it may take some time for physical attraction to grow and deepen as partners get to know each other on a deeper level. Rushing into physical intimacy without allowing this natural progression can potentially hinder the development of a strong emotional bond. 
  • If your priority is other things than sexual attraction. let your partner know and make efforts to know their priorities as well. This helps to ensure that both partners are on the same page and have a clear understanding of each other’s needs and desires. 
  • You are over-correcting for past relationships. It’s important to remember that each relationship is unique, and it’s unfair to hold your current partner responsible for the mistakes of others. Give yourself permission to trust again and embrace vulnerability, as this can pave the way for a healthier and more fulfilling connection.  
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But the ultimate solution for every issue whether it is a sexual problem or not, we believe open and honest communication is the key. Make a space where you do not feel hesitant about talking your hearts out.

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