When Is Men's Mental Health Awareness Month

When Is Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month?

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There is a stereotypical belief among people that men are stronger physically and emotionally as well. If they show any sign of weakness they are considered to be fragile. In fact, many times they are shamed for showing their vulnerability. But don’t you think that’s insane? Aren’t men human beings too? Don’t they have feelings too? After all, men’s mental health is as crucial as any other gender. 

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In fact, this habit has led to men being less talkative about their mental health. Furthermore, the Mental Health America (MHA) report claims, “Due to societal expectations, communication hurdles, and/or underestimating their symptoms, men frequently put off seeking treatment for mental health conditions such as depression, substance misuse, anxiety, and stress”.  

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That’s why there is an urgent need for creating awareness about men’s mental health is rising as suicide rates are reaching sky-high. Although June is considered to be National Men’s health month, we believe one month is not enough to cover up all the time we have neglected. But it’s not the time to weep over the past but rather educate and encourage our men to look out for their mental health and overall well-being.

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June As Men’s Health Month

Every year the starting week of June marks the importance of men’s mental health every year. So let’s put all our efforts this year and mark the new beginning where mental health is given equal importance regardless of gender. Let’s create an environment, where men don’t hesitate to speak out loud and clearly about their mental health.

Understanding the distinction between everyday stress and mental illness is essential for men’s mental health. It is crucial for males to learn since occasionally this distinction may not be obvious.

Keeping an eye on your mental health is important since neglecting to do so has been linked to bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and other disorders.

So let’s take a look at what depression in men looks like. 

Symptoms Of Depression In Men

Generally, there is no vast difference between symptoms in men and women. Both of them experience dejectedness, downcast, emptiness, loss of appetite, insomnia, unfocused, agitated, and so on. But the thing that sets men’s depression apart from women’s is their behavioral change. 

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Men Who Are Depressed Could Observe The Following Behavioral Alterations: 

  • More alcohol or drug use (engaging in substance abuse)
  • Avoiding interactions with family or friends
  • Working nonstop and without taking enough breaks
  • Unable to hold up with obligations to one’s family or place of employment
  • Escalating their level of dominance or violence in relationships, 
  • Participating in a risky activity like gambling or hazardous sex,
  • Attempting suicide

According to one theory, the reason why men behave differently is that they seek to disguise their melancholy and uphold what is known as Stereotypical “masculine standards.” Men may respond angrily or engage in dangerous actions as a result of this attempt to conceal their despair. 

However, that’s not it, depression can significantly affect a man’s sexual health too such as a low level of testosterone. They often tend to lose interest in sex and their libido too can be greatly reduced. In fact, Erectile dysfunction in men is often the cause of depression. If you are already a victim of ED, try Vidalista 40 Mg or Tadalista 60 Mg.

Fight Depression On This National Men’s Health Month

Whether you or your loved ones are battling with depression the one thing you need to do is be mindful of the condition. The more you try to escape from it, the more it will harm you. 

Let’s discuss some tips that you can follow if you are struggling with depression. 

1. Make Dietary Changes

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Often in depression, people end up with an eating disorder such as binge eating or no appetite at all. And these unhealthy eating habits lead to obesity which further births deadly heart disease. 

Men’s mental health awareness month is the perfect time for you to start. Rollback on your alcohol consumption. Opt for a healthy meal that lights up your mood. 

2. Go Get Some Goals For Yourself

Use distraction methods to avoid depression. We know it’s hard to focus on one thing while you are depressed. Try to set small goals in such cases, for instance waking up an hour earlier, reading at least one page of your favorite book, exercising for a minimum of 10 minutes and etc. This will lead to a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

3. Educate Yourself

Make the most of this opportunity to educate yourself on the typical health issues that men face and ways to prevent illness or injury. Become more knowledgeable about issues that affect men’s health, such as heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, and mental health. Additionally, you may get advice on how to handle stress, keep physically active, and maintain good health. Take advantage of this chance to manage your health and well-being!

4. Communicate Your Feelings

Talking with your loved ones or close ones while feeling disturbed or down may help you get over depression. So let’s celebrate this month while inspiring men to come out of their depressed sea shells. 


Whether it is sexual health, mental health, or overall general health. Men often get embarrassed to talk about it. And it’s mostly the case when they suffer sexual dysfunction. They chose to stay silent rather than get the diagnosis and treatment such as Cenforce 200 Mg. But we at Tablet Medicine urge men out there to take proper care of their sexual health as well because your doomed sexual health is significantly linked with depression.

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