What Is The Toxic Status Of Your Relationship

What Is The Toxic Status Of Your Relationship?

August 26, 2023 By tabletmedicine 0

Are you feeling abandoned, dissatisfied, or dejected in your relationship? Or Are you getting a feeling that your partner is constantly controlling you and imposing absurd rules on you? Maybe that’s a sign for you to change the game. You don’t want to be stuck in a relationship where the other person doesn’t understand your value.

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What do we call such relationships? Toxic. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a marital relationship. Because the toxic relationship definition is very temperamental.

Even if you are feeling those above-mentioned negates in your social circle or professional territory, it’s important to recognize those toxicity signs and take the necessary steps. Let’s understand in deep about these toxic relationships. 

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What Is A Toxic Relationship?

A toxic relationship is a kind of venom that poisons your soul rather than healing you. When you constantly try to seek validation from them while they just keep doing the exact opposite. It completely drains you of your energy, dims your light, and kills your joy. It always leaves you with a feeling of unworthiness and “not being enough”. 

Many times the toxic partner plays a victim card and blames the downfall of their relationship on the other partner. However, you need to understand that you are asking for a bare minimum and it’s not your fault that they can’t give you that. It’s your cue to leave such companionship. 

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Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Is my relationship toxic? Well, some toxic relationships are easy to spot, while others hide their venom under a mask of charm. So these are some common toxic relationship signs that you need to look out for;

  • No support at all either moral or emotional
  • Corrosive communication
  • Jealousy and envy are repetitive guests 
  • Regulating and restricting actions
  • Keeping resentments within
  • Lack of transparency 
  • Constant disrespectful behavior
  • Persistent stress and anxiety
  • Neglecting your needs and wants 
  • Lost connections
  • Always hoping to avoid the meet 
  • You secretly hope for a change
  • You overlook your own happiness
  • You feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells 

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Types Of Toxic Relationships

As we discussed earlier, it’s crucial to understand that toxic connections are not just seen in romantic partnerships. They may be quite draining, particularly when the toxicity isn’t well controlled, and they exist in families, job settings, as well as in friendship networks.

Types Of Toxic Relationships

Here are some types;

  1. Rejecting: This occurs when someone consistently disapproves, complains, or plays down the wants, ideas, or feelings of the other individual.
  2. Possessive: The toxic person plays depending upon their mood. They may shower you with excessive attention in one moment and completely abandon you in another. They try to control every aspect of your life and when you try to assert your independence they will make you feel guilty about it. 
  3. Abusive: when one person intentionally causes another person pain, whether it be economically, verbally, emotionally, or physically. To injure the other person, they may resort to violence, threats, insults, deceit, or compulsion. Additionally, they may deny that the abuse occurred or assign guilt for it to the victim.
  4. Trivializing: We all have such a person in our life, ready to make fun of or devalue our achievements. They might make us feel ashamed of our choices. That is a toxic trivializing person. 
  5. Emotional Blackmailing: Another form of abuse is emotional blackmailing, where the person manipulates and controls others by using guilt, fear, or shame. They may threaten to withhold love, affection, or support unless their demands are met. 

Can A Toxic Relationship Become Healthy?

The question is quite tricky and so does the answer. Because if the toxic partner is a narcissist, it will take so much effort and patience.

Additionally, it completely depends on how much toxicity is there. As long as both persons in the relationship are genuinely willing to work, there is a possibility of healthier behavior in a relationship.

If two of you can’t seem to repair your bonding even after putting in all the effort, don’t worry you may get help from professional therapists.

They can provide guidance and strategies to navigate the challenges. Seeking professional help can offer a fresh perspective and provide tools to address the underlying issues that contribute to toxicity. Remember, prioritizing your mental and emotional well-being is crucial in any relationship. 

How To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship?

If you are really fed up with your toxic relationship there is no other way to escape than leaving it completely. But the question is how to leave a toxic relationship. Here are some strategies;

  • Speak with a counselor or domestic violence activist for help.
  • Speak with a trusted one, either it could be a close family member or friend. Communicating your problems openly with someone will give you the clarity to take the much-needed steps.
  • Keep that trusted one while breaking up. It might be hard to face such a challenging situation alone. It will give you moral support.
  • Look after yourself. Even if your relationship was toxic, getting out of any bondings and connections can be painful. It would be even more painful if the relationship was long-term.


What are the toxic levels in a relationship?

Toxic relationships generally follow three stages: idealizing, devaluing, and discarding. Learn about each of these stages and the impact it has on you. Idealizing: Love-bombing is a clear sign of the idealizing phase.

Can toxic love turn healthy?

Yes, toxic relationships can change. But that comes with a very big if. A toxic relationship can change if and only if both partners are equally committed to overcoming it with lots of open communication, honesty, self-reflection, and possibly professional help, individually and together.

When to leave a relationship?

If you feel deeply that your partner no longer values you, it could be time to leave.

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