What Is International Women's Day

What Is International Women’s Day?

February 27, 2024 By tabletmedicine 0

A very notorious Journalist once said, “The history of all times and of today especially teaches that women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves.” This statement is so bold and holds so much depth and truth. In fact, we need to bring back this statement to light on this International Women’s Day.

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Happy Womens Day

‘Women often sacrifice themselves for the happiness of the people surrounding them. Sometimes, it’s her own parents, siblings, or even her childrens and husband. Even after doing so much for society, they aren’t offered many chances to stand up in society.

However, we are not entirely blaming or criticizing society because the last decade saw some significant progress in terms of gender equality and women empowerment.

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Inspire Inclusion: International Women’s Day 2024 Theme

Women are now more vocal, more visible, and more empowered than ever before. They are breaking the stereotype barriers and making the way to be more perceptible in society. In fact, they are leaving marks in every field possible, the men-dominant industries are not male-centric anymore. Women have proved that even in traditionally male-dominated fields, they are just as capable and deserving of recognition and opportunities.

The future looks promising for women as they continue to shatter glass ceilings and pave the way for future generations to thrive in a more inclusive society. 

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International Women’s Day 2024

Whenever such a day comes in history all we do is vent negative things about it. Although there is a significant need to uplift the women’s race, the last few years saw tremendous success in the pursuit of gender equality and recognition of women’s achievements. In fact, let’s change the tradition a bit by not only staging movements against society but also by thanking the ones who have helped or still stand with us to create our place in the community. 

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We sense this International Women’s Day is going to be different from the earlier ones. We are expecting that 2024 will bring men and women together to spread the voice for equality. 

But before we raise our voice it is important that we know what is international women’s day history.

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When Was Women’s Day Started?

It is believed that this beautiful idea of International Women’s Day blossomed at the beginning of the 20th Century. But in reality, it was much older than that. However, from the records, we can say that the first Women’s Day was observed on the national level in the United States in the year 1909. 

This day, which the Socialist Party of America declared, recalls the 1908 New York City garment workers’ strike, during which 15,000 women demonstrated against oppressive job conditions. 

Later in the year 1911, many other countries like Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and Germany, participated and boosted the idea of IWD.

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Over time, International Women’s Day (IWD) gathered steam and developed into a major global hub for women’s rights. IWD has been formally supported by the UN since 1975, highlighting its global importance.

Why Celebrate Women’s Day?

This question is like asking people, why should we acknowledge the importance of the environment in which we live. Women are a very crucial part of the human race because without them humankind will literally cease to exist. 

So isn’t that our duty to celebrate the lives of those who are responsible for our existence in the first place? Women are like those beautiful flower garden, which needs sufficient sunshine, water, and manure alongside very much care and love. 

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What Happens When A Female Takes Viagra

What Happens When A Female Takes Viagra?

Why Is International Women’s Day Important?

If you are counting on a list, let us tell you that this particular list is an extensive one. There are not one or two things, but multiple reasons why International Women’s Day is important. For instance;

  • Learning from themes: Every year on the occasion of IWD, the organization sets out a unique theme to focus on. These themes help us to fight the issues in a more fun and learning way. 
  • Past origins: As we discussed before the labor and voting rights struggles gave rise to IWD. Knowing its past serves as an eye-opener that drastic change is still required.
  • Appreciating Successes: IWD is also about happy moments. Apart from aggressive matters the day also sheds light on the celebration of victories whether small or big. 
  • Emphasizing incomplete Work: Seventy percent of the world’s destitute are still women. The epidemic made this inequality even worse, necessitating coordinated measures to bring about change. 
  • Chance for Fundraising: This day opens up a window for those who wish to serve this noble cause.

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