US Gay Men Successfully Crushed HIV Infection, CDC Says

US Gay Men Successfully Crushed HIV Infection, CDC Says

June 1, 2023 By tabletmedicine 0

Finally, happy and relieving news for gay men that too ahead of an international pride month. What can be happier than gay men achieving a win over their most significant health ailment; HIV infection? We have two victories to celebrate this year on the occasion of pride month.

The one is a substantial fall in the cases of HIV infection among gay men and the empowering and inclusive pride month itself. But what exactly does the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have to say about this dynamic fall in the cases of HIV infections among young gay men? Don’t worry we are gonna take a deeper look at the matter including data and figures. 

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What Is HIV Infection?

If you have HIV, you may not know it. This virus can silently attack your immune system and make you vulnerable to serious infections. HIV is the cause of AIDS, a condition that can be fatal if left untreated. But there is hope. You can find out if you have HIV with a simple test and start taking medication that can help you live longer and healthier. Don’t let HIV take over your life.

Learn more about this virus and how to protect yourself and others. 

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A Common Virus Spread Through Sex Can Cause Cancer

A Common Virus Spread Through Sex Can Cause Cancer

Symptoms Of HIV Infection

As we discussed earlier, HIV might be present even when no symptoms are present. It’s crucial to be checked for this reason even if you aren’t feeling ill. 

If you have HIV for the first time, you could feel like you have the flu. So early signs of HIV infection could consist of the following:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • exhaustion
  • pharyngitis 
  • Body hurts.
  • No sleep at night
  • Rash
  • enlarged lymph nodes
  • mouth sores

So if you have even the tiniest bit of doubt we suggest you go through HIV testing. 

Is HIV Sexually Transmitted Infection?

If you are wondering ‘Is HIV an Infection?’ and whether HIV is contagious like COVID-19. The simple answer to both questions is yes and yes. HIV is an infection when acquired by humans that leads to a condition or disease that leads to AIDS.  

However, COVID-19 and HIV both are contagious but HIV is a sexually transmitted infection like gonorrhea, syphilis, or others. No matter what you are engaged in for instance oral, anal, or even vaginal sex, if proper care is not taken the chances of encountering HIV infections and other STIs are sky-high. Such STIs are also the cause of ED many times. If you are also a victim of impotence check out the Malegra 120 and Fildena 100 from Tablet Medicine.

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Current Trends And Data 

A recent study conducted by the CDC claims, Approximately yearly new HIV infections decreased by 12% from roughly 36,500 infections in 2017 to roughly 32,100 cases in 2021. This significant drop was mostly noticed among young adults and teenagers who are primarily gay and bisexual men. 

The national vision to end this HIV epidemic can’t be achieved without addressing the gaps and barriers that are preventing people from accessing effective HIV medicines and HIV prevention and treatment services. 

Although PrEP is an effective method of preventing HIV infection, not everyone who requires it can obtain it. According to recent research, White homosexual and bisexual men were prescribed PrEP at substantially greater rates than their Black and Hispanic fellows, who have more difficulties getting access to this life-saving drug. This is a reflection of the larger racial inequities in HIV prevention and treatment that we urgently need to address. 

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In fact, during the studies, another shocking fact came to light, in the US approx 1.2 million are living with HIV, yet one in eight of them are unaware of their condition. Young individuals, who made up 15% of new infections in 2021, had particularly low levels of awareness.

This clearly implies that awareness and education about this very matter are still required abundantly. Educating high schoolers about these matters and holding awareness camps is one way of doing this.

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That isn’t it, it’s your responsibility to carefully choose your sex partners, especially for bisexual males. Get yourself and your partner tested before engaging in sex. Make sure you exercise every possible safety measure while engaging in sexual counters and of course, use contraceptives when needed.

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