Terms And Conditions

Terms And Condition

Tablet Medicine is pleased to welcome you! These terms and condition describe the rules and regulations that govern the use of this website and our services. These terms and condition are binding upon you when you access this website or use our services. You must agree to all terms and condition before you use this website or our services.

Tabletmedicine is an online pharmacy offering prescription and over-the counter medication. Our website was created to offer our customers a simple way to order medication online from their home. These terms and condition govern your use of our website.

Security Policies

We strive to provide a secure online payment portal that is both highly secure and convenient for our customers. Except for your payment information, the information you provide when purchasing medicines is not used to market or sell any data.

We have digital lockers that store your confidential information, such as your name, phone number, and email address, when you buy medicines. These servers offer the highest level of online security to protect your data. Once your payment has been received by us, all data is immediately deleted. We also do not retain any payment information without your consent.

Feedback And Comments

We offer a feedback section on our website where users can leave comments, suggestions, and messages. Your comments and suggestions regarding our online pharmacy are welcome. You can contact us via the Twitter, Instagram and Comment section if you have any questions about products. We are available round the clock and will try to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

It is agreed that you have read and verified the comments and that they will be placed on the profile page of the website. You also agreed to have your name printed alongside your comments.

Prescription Medication

Now if you want to place an order on Tabletmedicine you must present a valid prescription from a licensed health provider if you wish to purchase prescription medication. We reserve the right to verify the legitimacy of any prescriptions and refuse to fill any that we believe are fraudulent or unauthorized.

By agreeing to our terms & conditions, you can trust that we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and quality products.

Ordering Medication And Payment

The process of ordering medication involves choosing the medication you want, giving information about the patient, their detailed condition, and then confirming your order. You can pay using a variety of payment methods such as credit card or debit card, PayPal, and other online payment options. It is crucial to make sure that payment is secured and that financial and personal information are protected. Online pharmacies might offer discounts for bulk orders or insurance billing. To avoid delays or potential problems, it is important that you review all delivery and payment details before placing your order. To make your shopping experience convenient and easy check out the payment page of Tabletmedicine.com.

Shipping And Customs Delay

Our website always measures the default address based on the last order you made. You can modify your shipping address anytime by editing the address section of your account. You can also change your shipping address by selecting the address pulldown list offered on our website. In case you enter the wrong shipping address, you will need to pay the shipping fee. Before placing an order on Tabletmedicine, make sure you have checked your shipping address.

Sometimes, due to problems with Customs, one may not receive their order within the delivery time. We cannot be held responsible for delays in customs caused by delays made by the delivery services. We are not responsible for the customs fee; this is directly payable to your country’s customs department.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was created to assist consumers, businesses, and individuals in understanding how we use the personal information that you have provided to us. It also helps you to make informed decisions about your use of our website and any related services.