Sexual Benefits of Cinnamon for Women and Men

Sexual Benefits of Cinnamon for Women and Men

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Cinnamon or quills whatever you prefer is one of the oldest spices in history. Hey! Do you want to hear amazing facts about our spice sticks? I heard yes, so here it is. At a certain point in time in old Egypt, the value of cinnamon even exceeded that of gold. In fact, once upon a time, a Roman monarch burnt a year’s worth of quills at his lover’s burial as an act of contrition after he murdered her since it was so rare and valuable. I guess too much with the fun facts, let’s hear something about what our blog title suggests. Let’s find out whether cinnamon really contributes to improving the sexual health of people. 

As always, basics first for our cinnamon (take it easy, it’s just a joke)! 

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What Is Cinnamon?

Genus Cinnamomum is a tree from where we get our spice sticks. Although these quills are cultivated in South America and the West Indies, they are indigenous to Sri Lanka, the nearby Malabar Coast of India, and Burma. Additionally, spice is hugely used in making sweet dishes. Even though it doesn’t have its own sweetness, adding it to culinary dishes can significantly enhance the sweetness. 

Apart from their use in eatables, they are also used in numerous original and creative goods, including candles, cosmetics, fragrances, handmade items, and works of art. Usually, there are four kinds of these spice sticks found i.e, Indonesian, Ceylon, Saigon, and Cassia. 

Are There Any Sexual Benefits of Cinnamon?

The most common type of sexual dysfunction these days in men is erectile dysfunction while in women it’s lowered sexual desire and lack of arousal. However, it’s important to understand that these sexual dysfunctions can’t merely be solved with one food item like a mere Kamagra 100 or Cenforce 100 does.

Similarly, there is no guarantee that a mere cinnamon can address your sex life problems but it might somewhat help in improving certain aspects. Well, some people have claimed that cinnamon does contain aphrodisiac properties but we still need more scientific research to fully understand its effects on sexual health. Come let’s take a look at a healthy lifestyle with cinnamon. 

The Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

The Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

Benefits Of Cinnamon For people Sexually might not be obtained directly for curing disorders like erectile dysfunction or arousal issues. However, the following are certain health benefits that might indirectly aid in improving sexual health. 

Jammed with anti-oxidants: 

I guess cinnamon tea is not a new thing for you because almost everyone has drunk it once or is still drinking it every day. Do you know why? Because it’s a rich source of antioxidants and polyphenols.  

Since this raises the anti-oxidant levels in the blood the human system can be shielded from oxidative damage brought on by free radicals.

In fact, small research conducted with limited participants revealed that chemical properties in cinnamon sticks raise testosterone levels in addition to improving sperm quality metrics.

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Anti-inflammatory agent

Inflammation is not all bad as it is crucial for mending the body inwardly and outwardly. But if it has been happening for a long time it’s a matter of concern as it can cause an array of medical disorders, including, heart illness, liver disease, and neurodegenerative illnesses. 

Additionally, it can potentially birth erectile dysfunction in men as well. Cinnamon extracts can slack down the chances of all these illnesses however, we don’t know the exact mechanism. But Cinnamon’s natural sexual enhancement properties will definitely aid you somewhat in enhancing erectile functioning. But if you want a rock sure assurance then try Nizagara 100 or Vidalista 20 mg.

Rescuer of your heart 

The above-mentioned property can also help in reducing heart-related issues by bringing down LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body. Well, that doesn’t mean you can eat as much as cinnamon bagels you like. However, cinnamon tea with adequate physical exercise is a good option. 

Since heart diseases may turn down the sexual cravings of the inner beast that’s why one(with heart disease) may suffer decreased sex frequency and increased sex dissatisfaction. 

Slashes diabetes risk 

Insulin is the key to unlocking the cells and letting the sugar in. But sometimes, the key gets rusty and the cells resist. That’s when cinnamon comes in handy. It can help polish the key and make it work again. 

Insulin is also important for your sex life. It affects your libido and your performance. Diabetes can ruin it and make you feel less than a man. But cinnamon could be your secret weapon. It could help lower your insulin and boost your sex drive. However, some concrete study is still needed to prove that. And that is Cinnamon’s impact on sexual function in men. Enhance sexual and erectile function now with Tadaflo 20mg or Suhagra 100 from Tabletmedicine at reasonable costs.

Keeps your blood sugar level in check 

By fighting against insulin resistance, cinnamon can help you keep your blood sugar levels under control — a key factor for a satisfying sex life.

But that’s not all. Cinnamon also has the ability to block the entry of sugar into your bloodstream after you eat by messing with the enzymes that digest carbs. This means that your body will have less sugar to deal with, and more energy to spend on other activities.

And if you have diabetes, cinnamon can be even more beneficial for you. Research has proven that cinnamon can lower your fasting blood sugar levels — a major challenge for many diabetics. 

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Just as cinnamon helps men with their sexual dysfunction, cinnamon’s influence on sexual health in women is quite significant as well. For a very long time, a tea made with these quill sticks along with other herbs has been given to girls to cope with their menstruation pain. In conclusion, incorporating cinnamon into your diet not only has the potential to enhance your sexual life, but it can also provide additional health benefits such as regulating blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. So why not spice things up in the bedroom and improve your overall well-being at the same time?

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