Malegra 120 Mg


Malegra 120 Mg is an generic Viagra variant that contains sildenafil which is a potent treatment to treat erectile disfunction. This red pill provides relief and better performance for those suffering from ED.

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Sildenafil Citrate


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What Is Malegra 120?

Are you looking for a cheaper and better solution for your Erectile Dysfunction problem? Don’t let expensive drugs drain your wallet and your confidence. Discover how you can get the same results with affordable and effective medication. Malegra 120 Mg red pills are the effective for men.

Impotence can be a frustrating and costly condition to manage. Many people find it hard to pay for the high-priced brand-name drugs that treat their sexual issues. But there is a better way to overcome ED without breaking the bank.

Developed by a huge pharma enterprise known as Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd, Malegra 120 Mg is one of the best generic medicine used in the treatment of Impotence. This is a lifesaver for many men.

Malegra 120 Uses

If you think that treating ED and impotence is too expensive, think again. Malegra 120 Mg  and Oral Jelly are the affordable and powerful solutions that you need. These generic medications work just as well as the brand-name ones but at a fraction of the cost. Don’t let ED ruin your life. 

The salt of Sildenafil Citrate, a chemical substance in this pill works very efficiently almost giving cut-throat competition to Viagra; the oldest drug for impotence treatment in the market. Get your malegra 120 Mg dosage only after consulting a specialized medical professional.

How Does 120 mg Malegra work?

The erection process in men is quite more complicated than you think. It takes more than one organ to induce a hard and bulkier erection. A seductive physical contact or even just a thought can trigger the process. The entire process begins with the neurons in the brain which respond by sending signals to the heart to pump excessive amounts of blood towards the genitals when you are sensually active. 

This blood fills up the empty tissues; Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum present in the Penis. If you are an ED sufferer, there is a possibility of a glitch somewhere in your system. 

Impotence is often a result of excessive production of an enzyme called PDE-5. It obstructs the process of cGMP(contracting and relaxing penile tissues) and nitric oxide. Here Malegra 120 Mg plays a crucial role by controlling the levels of PDE-5 facilitating better working conditions and boosting Nitric oxide.

How To Use Malegra 120?

To make sure that you get the best results from the medication and avoid any unwanted side effects, you need to follow these simple steps. They will help your body adapt to the medication and enhance its effectiveness. Read on to learn how to use the medication safely and successfully.

  • As usual, take a whole glass of potable water and gulp down the tablet at once. Avoid cold water rather take water at room temperature.  
  • One tablet every 24 hours if you are prescribed to take it every day according to your ED Severity. Just do not overdose. 
  • If the problem is mild you will be advised to take one before engaging in coitus at least 35-40 minutes before. 
  • The pill works by responding only to sexual stimulation. Therefore, you need to be sexually aroused to get an erection.
  • Furthermore, taking this pill before or after a small meal may provide immediate benefits. Since fatty meals slow down the breakdown process and decrease effectiveness. 
  • Do not crush or split in halves, if you can’t swallow the tablet. In such circumstances, you can try Malegra oral jelly the best alternative for oral tablets. 
  • Do not consume booze or smoke before taking this medicine. In fact, if you want your erectile health on the right track quit both of these.

Side Effects

Malegra, like many ED medications, can have very severe negative effects. They can cause more harm than good if you don’t use them properly. Therefore, whenever using prescription medications, you should always abide by your doctor’s instructions.

  • Vision distort 
  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Vertigo and Headaches 
  • Insomnia 
  • Burning sensations in feet and arms
  • Painful urination 
  • Hazy or blood in the urine(in rare cases)
  • Difficulty digesting 
  • Priapism

Safety Measures And Other Quick Tips

There are lots of things you need to look after while incorporating medications for your ED. For instance proper storage of medicine or proper disposal of unwanted or expired meds. Let’s discuss them in detail;

  • Sildenafil malegra 120 Mg is supposed to store in a darky-dry place away from sunlight or moisture. Storing it in cupboards or cabinets might be good. 
  • The medicine is not suitable for you if you have any of these medical conditions: dental work, surgery, priapism, kidney or heart disease, or eye problems. The medicine can interact badly with these conditions and cause complications. 
  • Properly go through the ingredients used in making the medicine. If you detect any component which you are allergic to let your doctor know. 
  • Before buying check Malegra 120 Reviews for the legibility and Genuity of the drug. Tablet Medicine offers legal and quality medicines for sale. 
  • Do not use this pill if you use illegal drugs or drink excessively. Blood pressure might drop significantly when the two are combined. 
  • Inform your doctor about your health history and any supplements you are taking. in order for your doctor to provide you with a secure prescription.

Interactions: Drug, Disease, Food

Interaction refers to negative reactions of a mixture of certain chemical substances with other chemicals or chemical reactions to certain health conditions. 

Drug Interaction

  • Ketoconazole 
  • Dexamethasone
  • Atazanavir 
  • Nitroglycerine 
  • Clarithromycin 
  • Amlodipine 
  • Carbamazepine

Disease Interaction

  • A cardiovascular condition
  • kidney illness
  • a renal disorder
  • A problem with the liver

Food Interaction

  • Grapefruit Juice 
  • Alcohol 
  • Too fatty foods 


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What are the different strengths of Malegra?

To explore the variations and different dosages of Malegra visit Tabletmedcine and buy the Malegra of your choice.

If you are hesitating to take malegra wonder if it is a steroid. Then rest assured because it belongs to the category known as PDE-5 inhibitors. Plus they are precisely tested by FDA to address the impotence issues in men. As long as you are an Ed sufferer and have a valid prescription, Malegra 120 is completely safe.
The medicine kicks in a half-hour to an hour after you take it. Usually, the effects can be felt for 4-5 hours once it is fully dissolved in the system. Giving you and your partner a wild experience with long-lasting and satisfying coitus.
Malegra 120 acts by blocking the enzyme called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) which permits an increase in blood flow to penile tissues when sexual stimulation is initiated. This aids in achieving and maintaining an erection that is satisfactory for sexual stimulation.
Avoid excessive alcohol consumption while taking Malegra 120, as it may reduce the effectiveness of the medication and increase the risk of side effects.
Inform your doctor about all the medications you are currently taking, as some drugs may interact with Malegra 120, potentially leading to adverse effects. This includes nitrate-based drugs and alpha-blockers.

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