National Couple's Day – August 18, 2023

National Couple’s Day – August 18, 2023

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Do you think Valentine’s Day is the only day to celebrate love and couples? In fact, no if someone is truly in love they don’t need any days to celebrate their love. But for our former question, the answer is no, apart from Valentine’s Day our adorable couples have another day to celebrate each other’s fondness; National Couple’s Day is the day. Don’t let your love die because of small things instead learn to cherish every small moment in your relationship because it is a key to happy and lengthy relationships.

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When Is National Couples Day 2023?

Every August 18 since 2012 we have been celebrating National Couple’s Day. Are you wondering how this day was established in 2012? So here is the brief history FYI; 

There is an organization that is working towards decreasing acts of violence in dating. The aim behind setting up such a day is to raise awareness of dating violence and to promote happy, fulfilling relationships. The group calls on individuals to speak out in opposition to assault in dating and to cherish love in all of its forms each year.

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But on the other hand, some claim the date(i.e, 18th of August) is selected because it is the wedding anniversary of two renowned poets i.e, Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett; the couple who showed truly showed us that love has no boundaries. And love is an eternal being that even if you die, your stories will remain engraved on the pages of history.

How To Celebrate National Couple’s Day In The USA In 2023?

You don’t need extra medications to keep yourself fit because if you are in love you don’t need any medications as it is an elixir for a happy & fulfilling life. In fact, the saying ‘Love is good for your health’ is absolutely true. On this loving day, what can you do? Here is a to-do list of activities to do on National Couple’s Day. 

  • Unfortunately, there are no holidays for couples in the USA specifically dedicate to this day but you can definitely set up a night candlelight dinner. 
  • Binge-watch your favorite TV shows and movies. 
  • Visit the place where you first met or had your first date. 
  • Give each other thoughtful gifts such as collages or scrapbooks of your snippets. 
  • Your partner reduces stress by a great deal; for that, you can book a spa day for a couple.

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