Is Erectile Dysfunction Curable Causes and Treatment Options

Is Erectile Dysfunction Curable? Causes and Treatment Options

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Numerous men experience erectile dysfunction (ED), which is a prevalent ailment, particularly as they age. The failure to accomplish or maintain a hard adequate erection for sexual activity is known as ED or Impotence in medical lang.

Your way of living and your relationships may impact by ED a great deal, which can have a number of medical and psychological reasons. It was somewhat understandable that Erectile Dysfunction was more prevalent in older men but the past few decades have noticed a surging amount of impotence cases in a lot of younger men. This has become a matter of concern and the main cause of this condition is overall unhealthy lifestyle choices. 

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This article will discuss some of the most prevalent ED causes, possible treatments like Tadalista 20, Cenforce 50 or Cenforce 100mg, and ways for you to enhance your reproductive well-being and overall health.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Treatment Options For ED

Erectile dysfunction is a widely prevailing condition in men, which affects erectile functioning to be more precise it’s a kind of sexual dysfunction or malfunction. Even during sexual stimulation inducing an erection becomes a hell of work in ED. Either they get an erection that can not keep hard till the climax or they don’t get one at all.  

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Due to feelings of embarrassment or humiliation, many men with impotence choose not to seek therapy. They are unable to have fulfilling sex lives mostly because of this. So this article will explore the answer to whether erectile dysfunction is permanent or curable.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Your relationship, quality of life, and self-confidence may all be impacted by these symptoms. You should see your doctor for diagnosis as well as therapeutic options if you encounter any of these.

  • having trouble obtaining a desired erection when you want to have coitus
  • not having an erection before or during sexual contact
  • being completely unable to have an erection

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Number And Statistics 

What percentage of guys of various ages have Erectile Dysfunction? The answer might surprise you. Impotence can impact somewhere from 3 to 77 percent of men globally, according to numerous studies.

The Massachusetts Male Aging Study, which discovered that over fifty percent of men have ED to some extent and that the condition worsens with time and aging, is one of the most often referenced research on the frequency of Erectile Dysfunction.

However, ED is an issue for men of all ages. One in four men under the age of 40 has ED, according to very recent research published in the International Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes 

Erectile Dysfunction Causes 

Although ED can be caused by a variety of factors, inadequate circulation to the penis remains one of the most frequent ones. The nerves, arteries, and muscles that regulate erections may be affected by certain disorders. These illnesses include chronic renal disease, high cholesterol levels(LDLs), high blood pressure, diabetes, blocked arteries, heart, and blood vessel disease, and obstructed arteries. Aside from these variables, there are others that may cause ED, including:

Psychological And Lifestyle Causes:

  • Depression and Anxiety 
  • General stress 
  • Stress over performance or performance anxiety 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Lack of self-confidence or self-esteem 
  • First time engaging in sexual intimacy 
  • History of sexual abuse 
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption

Physiological Causes:

  • Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Peyronie’s Disease 
  • Multiple Sclerosis disease 
  • Radiation therapy for prostate cancer 
  • Other heart-related diseases 
  • Serious kidney or liver disease 
  • Bladder dysfunction 
  • Obesity 
  • Too much LDL(bad cholesterol)
  • Penis, spinal cord, or pelvic muscles damage 

The above-listed causes are a few that have been reported frequently, but if we start naming them all, the list grows considerably longer. 

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Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured?

Regardless of the severity, ED can treat with proper diagnosis and effective medical treatment & positive lifestyle changes. If you are in the initial stages of impotence it can easily treat with erectile dysfunction medications such as Vidalista 60 Mg or Vidalista 80 Mg. Seek answers for all your questions including ‘How is erectile dysfunction treated?’ or ‘Is ED treatable?

Even after incorporating all the pills for erectile dysfunction, everything seems to go in vain maybe you need to go a step further. Let’s take a look at some of them;

1. PDE-5 Inhibitors 

This is the first and foremost step if someone is suffering from impotence. Depending upon the severity of impotence, your physician might prescribe you any one of the following oral drugs;

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2. Self-Injecting Devices

Alprostadil injections, which serve to enhance blood flow to the penis, are one of the therapies for erectile dysfunction. These injections are performed using a tiny needle near the base of the penis. Alprostadil may occasionally use in combination with other drugs that are typically prescribed for treating certain illnesses.

In order to ease tension in the muscles and blood vessels in the penis, another drug that may be helpful is phentolamine. Bimix is the term used to describe the mixture of alprostadil and phentolamine. 

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3. Urethral Suppository

Utilizing a suppository, a tiny medication pellet put into the urethra, the tube-like structure that removes urine and sperm from the penis, is another alternative for addressing impotence in men. Alprostadil, a drug that aids in dilating blood vessels and boosting circulation to the penis, where it causes an erection, is present in the suppository or pallet.

4. Testosterone Replacement Therapy 

Other than lack of blood circulation, testosterone insufficiency is the other major cause of ED. Testosterone is as crucial as adequate blood flow for inducing hard erections. If this is the cause, doctors might recommend you go through this therapeutic treatment.

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5. Vacuum Pumps Or Surgical Implants

In the moments before having sex, temporary devices called vacuum pumps can help you develop an erection. The penis is where the gadget is put, which aids in drawing blood to the tip. The blood is then keep in place by sliding a rubber ring over the base. 

If all these things aren’t working out for you the last option is surgical implants. A rod-like structural object is implanted by operating on the penis. Fluid from a pelvic pool fills the implanted device when the pump inserted in the scrotum is pushed on. Your penis becomes bigger and longer as a result.

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