International youth day 2023

International Youth Day 2023

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The strongest force than any weapons or army or even technology is the power of youth. The young minds of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They are a force of change, innovation, and hope. They are the largest generation in human history, with 1.2 billion souls aged 15 to 24. So now is the right time to address these young potentials in the right direction as it is the occasion of International Youth Day. 

By the year 2030, when the world hopes to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, there will be nearly 1.3 billion young people on the planet. They have the power and potential to shape the future of our world. 

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What Is International Youth Day?

The auspicious day is a celebration and acknowledgment of the contribution of youngsters in bringing about good change and advancing justice, equity, and environmental sustainability. The mind behind setting up such a day was the United Nations in 1999 and ever since the organization selects themes for each year’s International Youth Day to focus on specific issues affecting young people globally.

This day offers a forum for young people to express their worries, exchange ideas, and work together to find answers to the problems they are facing. It also serves as a reminder for authorities and institutions to place a high priority on the empowerment of youths and provide them with chances to actively participate in the much-needed decision-making process.

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When Is International Youth Day 2023?

Every year August 12 is honor and mark as International Youth Day. The day was declared by the United Nations to be celebrated every year all over the world.

The main aim behind setting up this day is to raise the importance of the roles these young minds play in uplifting society. Furthermore, It serves as a call to action for individuals, governments, and organizations to invest in youth development and provide them with the necessary resources and support to thrive. 

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History Of International Youth Day

The year was 1965, and the world was on the brink of war. The UN General Assembly decided to take a bold step and declare peace, mutual respect, and understanding between peoples. They envisioned a future where these young people would play a vital role in building bridges and solving problems. They supported the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, which gave birth to International Youth Day in 1999.

This day is dedicated to educating society, empowering them in politics, and tackling global challenges. Many events have been held to celebrate this day, such as the 2013 International Youth Conference hosted by YOUTHINK, which showcased the importance of their participation in national and international affairs.

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So what are you waiting for? Join us on this auspicious day as this youth day 2023 theme focuses on ‘Green Skills for Youth’.  The theme highlights the importance of equipping young people with the necessary skills to contribute to sustainable development and environmental conservation but It aims to promote green entrepreneurship, renewable energy, and eco-friendly practices. Let’s come together and create a greener future for generations to come! 

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