International Tea Day 2023

International Tea Day 2023

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Hey you! Do you love tea? Well, let me guess, it’s a yes. Of course, you might be thinking who doesn’t like tea? That’s true too. It’s because tea is more than just a flavonoid, it possesses medicinal properties. Tea has a long and illustrious past that goes back hundreds of thousands of years, and it has been linked to several civilizations, rituals, and health advantages. Happy International Tea Day!!

Millions of farmers, laborers, and dealers throughout the world rely on tea as a source of income. It’s the day of the most consumed drink in the world. It’s not merely a day to celebrate the popularity of the drink but its history and richness too. 

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Every year this International Tea Day falls on the 21st of May. The purpose of celebrating this Tea Day is to set aside to recognize the individuals who work in the tea business and to spread awareness of the social and environmental problems that these individuals face. So let’s create awareness of Tea and its origins and what medicinal properties it holds. 

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History Of Tea

It is believed that about 5000 years back a well-known Chinese monarch named Shen Nung was the one who discovered this euphoric drink. The emperor was resting in the meadows while sipping on the warm water, and that’s when a few leaves from the adjacent bushes flew into his cup.

This altered the odor, color, and flavor of water. The monarch took a taste and was delighted by the taste and healing qualities of the beverage. According to a different version of the story, the emperor tested the medicinal benefits of numerous plants, some of which were toxic, on himself and discovered that tea served as an antidote. 

Similarly, there are several different mythical stories about the origin of tea. As there is no hard scientific evidence of the origins of tea it’s a bit hard to believe any of them. Yet, despite the evidence, countless souls cling to the ancient myth that the sacred leaf of tea first sprouted in the land of China. 

But today we are gonna educate you about a unique tea on this International Tea Day 2023 that is particularly made for men’s health and wellness; Erection tea.

What Is Erection Tea?  

If you are one of those who believes in treating health ailments with natural remedies then you have landed on the right page. A herbal tea that can get you impotency on the track with its magical medicinal properties. One of the best natural ways to beat ED for men who want to increase penile power and their sexual performance sometimes drink erection tea. If you want quick results incorporating Tadapox or Vidalista 80 Mg may definitely help you. 

Erection tea is nothing but a love potion that can cure your erectile dysfunction. Let’s take a look at some of the best tea for sex. 

Types of Erection Tea

If you have come this far I believe you really need some alternatives to get the hold of your sexual life. Here are some erection tea for male performance that can efficiently boost erectile functioning. They feature several advantages and components that can improve your performance and enjoyment.

Let’s look at the greatest erection tea recipe choices available to guys.

1. Ginseng Tea

Although it’s called tea, ginseng tea doesn’t really have any tea leaves in it. Numerous research has demonstrated the efficacy of ginseng tea as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). Although its particular method of action for treating ED is unknown, ginseng’s capacity to improve blood flow and relax muscles may have a role.

Other health advantages of ginseng tea include boosting the immune system and reducing stress.

2. Horny Goat Weed Tea

If you are an old sufferer of ED, you might be aware of ED supplements such as Cenforce 100mg, Fildena 100, and even pills with natural substances in them. However, Horny Goat weed is also used in these supplements. 

A natural impotency treatment with additional benefits for improving general health is horny goat weed. Your blood circulation and erections can be improved a great deal by using this ancient Chinese herb, which can also help men prevent cardiac issues and decrease their arterial pressure. Additionally, raising the production of testosterone and libido with horny goat marijuana can make you feel more enthusiastic and self-assured in bed. 

3. Green Tea

Now this is very common and frequently consumed tea for weight loss. But not many people know that Green tea can actually help with inducing erections. But you might be wondering how exactly this helps ED. 

Well, Theanine, a substance found in green tea, can promote relaxation and improved sleep. Nitric oxide synthesis and blood flow, both of which are necessary for powerful erections, may be enhanced by theanine. Green tea is beneficial for your general health as well as your sexual wellness.

Additionally, the calming and soothing effects also help the blood to smoothly flow through the penis. So do not forget to consume Green tea before sex.

Should You Be Eating More Grapes It Has Many Health Benefits

4. Ginkgo Biloba Tea 

A natural medication called Ginkgo biloba can aid with weariness and memory loss. However, did you know that it may also make an erection stronger? The smooth muscles of your penis may be relaxed by ginkgo biloba, enabling more blood to circulate and strengthening erections. To establish the efficacy of this natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, additional study is required. 

So it’s a reminder for you to consume ginkgo tea to make you last longer. 


There are several health benefits of tea than just inducing an erection. Hope you got the answer to ‘Why drink tea?’ It’s really surprising to know about this amazing relationship between Tea and ED. However, if you want quick action, try out oral pills like Tadalista and Fildena 120 along with these love potions.

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