International Kissing Day

International Kissing Day – July 6, 2023

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A flying virtual kiss from Tablet Medicine as this is a beautiful occasion of International Kissing Day. It’s time to shower your lovely folks with kisses and show them how much you love them. But did you guys know? Kissing is more than a sign of expressing affection. How? It has some lesser-known health benefits, I know it sounds crazy. So let’s find out together whether it’s a true or mere pleasing rumor. Still, who cares if it’s not true? Because we don’t need reasons to kiss our darling ones.

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So get yourself and your lips prepared with some well-needed nourishment & care only for this international kissing day. 

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History Of International Kissing Day 

Very few people actually know about this July 6th International Kissing Day as the glamor is always stolen by Valentine’s Day. Time for an amazing fact!! The tradition of World Kissing Day originally started in the United Kingdom, and soon spread across the globe in the early 2000s. 

If we are being completely honest, kissing has a far longer history than in 2000. Earlier, when there were kings ruling the world, kissing was seen as a formal gesture of respect and loyalty towards the monarch. It wasn’t until later centuries that kissing became associated with romantic love and intimacy between individuals.  

Not till 1926, the first “open-mouthed” kiss in the movie ‘Flesh and the Devil’ made a groundbreaking history in the portrayal of passionate romance on screen. This daring display of affection pushed the boundaries of traditional cinematic norms, leaving audiences captivated and craving more intimate moments in future films.  

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What’s The Goal Of International Kissing Day?

There are countless ways of kissing; a peck kiss, a French kiss, a sweet cheek kiss, a caring forehead kiss, an Eskimo kiss, and whatnot. No matter what type of kiss you share with your dear ones the goal is always the same; Love and Care. 

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However, the Goal of International Kissing Day is to celebrate the magic of a kiss, the spark of a lip, and the thrill of a tongue. We remember how to kiss for the joy of it, not for the sake of convention or obligation. We reclaim the power of a kiss to connect us, to move us, to make us feel alive. As we said earlier we honor the kiss as a symbol of love and passion, a gesture of tenderness and intimacy. We kiss because we can, and because we want to. We believe It’s the most beautiful gift a human can ever ask for from god.

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How To Celebrate International Kissing Day 2023? 

On July 6, 2023, a variety of activities can do to commemorate International Kissing Day. However, we have dug out some sweet ways only for you to celebrate International Day of Kisses. 

  • Kiss a person you care about, whether it’s your better half or friends or family peck them with all your love and care. 
  • Kiss as greetings: Try a new form of greeting on this world day of kissing. However, it’s not completely unique, in some cultures pecking on the cheek once or twice is considered as basic decorum. 
  • Learn about the benefits of Kissing: sit with your partner all browse all wonders a kiss can do for your physical wellbeing. A mere kiss can work as a stress reliever by releasing endorphins, strengthening the bond, boosting the immune system, burning a good amount of calories, and many more.  

Do you know? In some Middle Eastern countries, men and women straight up kiss on the lips as a way of showing respect. This may seem weird if you are doing it for the first time so we suggest you always ask for consent to escape a ton of embarrassment.

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The Kiss Day is a perfect excuse to pucker up and plant one on your partner, your pet, or your favorite folks. It’s a day to remember that kissing is not just for greeting cards or romantic comedies, but for real life too. It’s a day to rediscover the joy of locking lips, the thrill of swapping spit, and the ecstasy of getting lost in the moment. So go ahead and kiss like nobody’s watching, because it’s 2023 kissing day and everybody loves a kiss. Add more joy to this special day by shopping top-selling ED pills such as Malegra 100, Nizagara 100, and many more at discounted prices. Hence, Happy International Kissing Day!

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