How To Place Order From Tabletmedicine

How To Place Order

Ordering your desired medicines from Tablet Medicine ought to be the easiest process. The interface and virtual help center at Tabletmedicine make your shopping experience even simpler. So let’s get started on a guide ‘How to place Order’.

So don’t freak out if you stumbled upon any queries just contact us through our e-mail or phone number which you can get from our home page. Our friendly customer service team is always eager to help you out from anywhere you are struck. Before you proceed to shop from our site check out the detailed instruction regarding placing an order. It will make your shopping experience uninterrupted.

Step by Step guidelines to shop from Tablet Medicine:

1. Product Selection 

Tablet Medicine offers a whole array of medications you need for daily functioning. From prescription based to over-the-counter medications, you will find everything here. But all in all, Tablet Medicine holds expertise in delivering top-notch quality Erectile Dysfunction meds to its customers. There are ED pills approved by FDA with effective ingredients like Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil, Depoxetine, and Vardenafil.  

But wait it is over yet. Apart from ED drugs, Tablet Medicine is also known to supply medications for respiratory diseases including Asthma and COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder). To make shopping even more exciting we at Tablet Medicine celebrate festivals with huge discounts and a bag load of offers. So do not forget to check out the portal on occasions like the Fourth of July, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and so on.

2. Adding Them To The Cart 

Once you are satisfied and done with searching for all the meds you have been looking for, simply add all of them to the cart. If you are having second thoughts about your purchase don’t worry you can always remove it from your shopping carts and add those you want. Your cart will contain all the information such as medicines and pack quantities, Sub totals, and Total. 

Once you are pleased with your shopping, you can proceed further by pushing the ‘Next’ button. And you will land on the page… 

3. Putting Your Information 

You will land on the page where you will need to fill up all the necessary information needed to deliver your parcel. Basically, it’s a form that you have probably filled out at the health centers. For instances;

  • Your name, home address(the address you want your parcel delivered), Pin codes, email address, etc. Check everything twice since it’s crucial and that delivery will happen at the location you’ve provided.
  • Then, you must fill out a few more fields, like your doctor’s name, contact information, email address, and so on.   
  • Finally, you must provide a Virtual replica(Image) of your prescription before you can continue with the payment process. 

4. Proceed For Payment

  • You will have the choice of using PayPal or a credit/debit card to pay.
  • You may continue by entering information such as your CVV number, credit/debit card number, and other such details.
  • Don’t worry about your details being misused Tablet Medicine ensures the utmost privacy and safety to its beloved customers.
  • If you have already shopped on Tablet Medicine before and you have coupons you can redeem here.
  • Look for the links where you can enter the codes to get discounts and write-offs.

5. Delivery Of Your Medicines

Once your payment process is successfully finalized, you will find an electronic version of your bill on the screen. With one sent to you at your email address. Save that invoice until your shipment is delivered. In case your order has defected in any way, you can replace it with a new one only if you have this invoice.