How Does Smoking Affect Your Sex Life

How Does Smoking Affect Your Sex Life?

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Well, we all are aware of how smoking affects our lungs and makes the respiratory tract more vulnerable to chronic diseases such as lung cancer and severe bronchitis. But very few people know this, smoking can have a very adverse impact on the sex life of a person. In fact, not just the person who smokes but those around them are also equally vulnerable. So let’s see more details in the further blog article. 

Smoking and sexual life are closely related, as smoking can affect your sexual performance, satisfaction, and health in negative ways. Do not let your ED ruin your sex life instead try Vidalista 40 or Cenforce 120 

Is Smoking Harmful To Sex Life?

Absolutely yes, smoking can have a very potential adverse effect on the sexual health of a person whether it is male or female. For instance, puffing nicotine is linked with the birth of erectile dysfunction in men while dramatically low sexual arousal and pleasure in women.

The reason behind this is that all the chemicals used in these cigarettes including nicotine can rupture your blood vessels resulting in a declined flow of crimson liquid in the system including reproductive organs and hence sexual dysfunction. Deal with your ED problems efficiently with Super Tadapox and Super P Force

What Are The Effects Of Smoking On Sexual Function

Additionally, secondhand smoke exposure can also have a harmful effect on a couple’s sexual well-being, increasing the likelihood of infertility and other reproductive problems. Let’s discuss in detail about effects of smoking on the intimate life of a person.

What Are The Effects Of Smoking On Sexual Function?

Although nicotine is the primary ingredient in cigarettes there are other 599+ ingredients used to complete it, according to ALA(American Lung Association).

When you light up these deadly sticks, they emit toxic fumes of carbon monoxide, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide. These can severely damage our health and give birth to multiple health issues. So here are some potential issues that may arise in people. 

Erectile Dysfunction:

Smoking and ED have been linked in several studies and there is no doubt that smoking can lead to ED. As we discussed earlier, disrupts circulation by destroying blood vessels.


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Additionally, long-term smoking can also lead to a reduction in penis size due to the damage caused to the blood vessels and tissues in the genital area. However, for better circulation, you can opt for Cenforce 100 mg or Vidalista 60

Loss of Endurance:

When you smoke, you harm your health and your energy, which can affect how you perform in bed. Smoking can cause problems like heart disease, blood vessel disease, and lung disease, which can make it hard for you to be active, including during sex.

If you have COPD, you may get out of breath and tired easily, so you may need to choose less demanding sexual positions or have sex when you are well-rested. Remember smoking and improving your sex life don’t go hand in hand.  

Decreased Libido:

This can happen in people. Lower libido means nothing but a lower sex drive. However, in certain experiments, contradictory evidence was found. According to research collected from 6,754 males in 2012, smokers more commonly than non-smokers reported having reduced libido. Meanwhile, in comparison to female nonsmokers, female smokers claimed to have an increased sex appeal. 

For female sexual dysfunction try Lovegra 100 mg now from Tablet Medicine but don’t forget to consult your doctor. 

Premature Menopause:

According to a study published by the World Health Organisation, women who are habitual smokers tend to hit menopause two years earlier than those who don’t smoke. The reason behind this is that the fumes of nicotine meddle with the estrogen levels and hence frequent mood swings, vaginal dry-ups, and weariness. 

Obstacles To Pregnancy And Problems With Infertility:

Nicotine can also have a negative impact on fertility for all genders. In women, it can damage the fallopian tubes and cervix, making it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg. However, in men, it can reduce sperm count and motility, making it harder to conceive. Additionally, smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of complications such as miscarriage, premature birth, and low birth weight.

How To Stop Smoking?

The effects of smoking on people are serious and harmful and can have long-lasting consequences on reproductive health. Not only you should quit smoking if you are planning to conceive If you really wish a long healthy life quit it now. We know it’s hard to do so that’s why we are here to help you out. 

  • Smoking & porn are a very addictive behavior and quitting both of these is very tough. However, you can get help from professionals and support groups.
  • Try replacement therapies such as nicotine gums or patches, nasal sprays, inhalers, and even drugs like bupropion & varenicline. 
  • Be aware of triggering behavior and try to avoid it or manage it responsibly. 
  • Try to get your mind off of it, munch on your favorite snack when you are craving to take a puff. 
  • Engage in physical activity such as running, push-ups, squats, etc. 
  • Practice regular yogic meditation to calm your monkey mind. You can initially use Tadapox or Fildena 100 for addressing erectile dysfunction.


Can smoking ruin a relationship?

Smoking can cause an array of problems for people in relationships and prevent couples from having the happy, fulfilling union they deserve. 

Does smoking stop you from ejaculating?

Smoking can’t directly stop you from ejaculating, it can certainly make it significantly more difficult.

Does smoking change you as a person?

Compared to non-smokers, current smokers were more likely to increase on neuroticism and to decline in extraversion, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness over time.

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