Happy 4th Of July Independence Day, America!

Happy 4th Of July Independence Day, America!

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Yayyy!! It’s America’s Birthday. The Fourth of July is not so far, Independence Day is forthcoming. The most awaited & favorite holiday of American People. Well, of course, doesn’t like the day which is celebrated with so much joy, fireworks, parades, grilled burgers & hot dogs, booze, patriotic music, loved ones, and so on. But what exactly happened on this day that the entire country unitedly joins in such a large celebration? 

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Worry not, We’re gonna peep thoroughly into this whole thing. So stick with us on the adventurous journey of knowing America and its people. 

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The History Of Independence Day

All the freedom and liberty today America and its people are enjoying were once fought for and earned through the great efforts and determination of our forebears. The history of the United States is more than what you think. Why? you may ask.  

July 4, 1776, is the day all Americans celebrate the birth of the great nation, the day to honor the Declaration of Independence, America’s bold manifesto of liberty, and the document that shaped founding ideals. But the USA did not actually proclaim independence on July 4.

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Why Is Independence Day Celebrated On July 4th? 

These are some important events that happened before the first declaration of independence day.

  • On April 19, 1775, the American Revolution began. In Lexington and Concord, colonists and British soldiers exchanged the first shots. The spark of war ignited, and the rift between Britain and America widened.
  • On July 2, 1776, the Congress voted to break free from Britain. Two days later, they approved the Declaration of Independence, penned by Jefferson and polished by Adams and Franklin. On July 8, the people heard the Declaration for the first time at the State House in Pennsylvania.
  • But the Declaration was not yet officially sealed by the congressmen until August 2, 1776. And after consent and signature of all authorities two days later i.e, 4th August, 1776 the Independence Declaration was formally adopted. 
  • For many long years, the Fourth of July was not a day of joy and pride for the young nation. It was only when two of its founding fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, breathed their last on the same fateful date, that the people realized the significance of their legacy. And so, they began to honor and celebrate the flag day that marked their independence and freedom. But it took another generation, until 1870, for the Congress to finally recognize July 4 as a national holiday, worthy of reverence and gratitude.
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When Is Independence Day This Year?

Fourth of July 2023, in fact, every year on this same date Independence Day of the United States is celebrated. Usually, on this day, people participate in Independence Day parades, wear red, blue, and white color clothes that represent the flag, affix the almighty US flag, cooking & dining parties, and etc. There are so many ways you can honor American Independence Day 2023. 

It is a day to cherish and honor the people you love, the country you belong to, and the freedom you enjoy. It’s a day to remember the past, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future. Whether you are having a barbecue, a picnic, or a parade, make sure you fill your day with laughter, joy, and fireworks, too.

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Unfortunately, the 4th of July 2022 wasn’t much of a fun and people couldn’t celebrate it with much enthusiasm as Covid-19 was wreaking havoc in the entire country. But rest assured folks this year the pleasure & merriment will be doubled as people have got their vaccinations. Let’s join our hearts and hands with the people we love, and celebrate Independence Day with soaring passion and pride. Happy Independence day USA!!!

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