Does Obesity Affect Your Sexual Life Negatively

Does Obesity Affect Your Sexual Life Negatively?

February 22, 2024 By tabletmedicine 0

It is crystal clear that being obese has tons of negative consequences on physical health but it also costs you your happiness, your confidence, and your love life. Obesity can significantly interfere with your sexual performance and pleasure, by dropping your sex drive to the lowest, making it harder to attain or uphold a boner, and causing other sexual nuances.

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a nightmare for many men, especially those who are overweight or obese. In this article, we will dive deep into the link between these two health problems, and how you can overcome them. On this world obesity day, we at Tablet Medicine want to share this vital information with you, so that you can take charge of your health and happiness. Read on to discover the truth about obesity and ED, and how you can beat them.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In the 20s

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction In The 20s

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From Belly Fat to Bedroom Blues: The Surprising Connection Between Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

There is one similarity between men and obesity, both are hard to get rid of. Hey!! Don’t get offended fellas, we are kidding. But it’s true for obesity, the condition is a very stubborn one. 

Many studies and polls were conducted to find the connection between obesity and impotence, these findings indicate that men who are obese are at a greater likelihood of developing ED by 30% to 90% compared to those who are within the ideal body weight range. But this isn’t it. ED often visits with a companion named PE aka premature ejaculation, making the problem even worse. 

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In fact, a notable 2014 research also revealed that nearly four out of five men, or 79% of males with ED are carrying extra weight, which worsens their condition even more. 

ED was linked to increased circumference of the belly and body mass index (BMI) in men, according to cross-sectional research.

Can Obesity Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Given its linkage to several vascular and metabolic conditions, the short answer is that obesity may undoubtedly cause ED or other sexual dysfunction. Excessive unnecessary weight can trigger MetS, a dangerous mix of problems that can harm your heart, blood vessels, and blood sugar. Plus, too much fat can lower your testosterone, the key hormone for your sex drive and performance.

Furthermore, obesity can have a negative psychological impact on you, increasing feelings of anxiety, depression, and lack of confidence. These all have the power to destroy both your state of joy and your sexual existence. But when it comes to superior alternatives for optimal sexual life, such as Cenforce 150 Mg and Fildena 120, Tabletmedicine is your guardian angel.

Can Losing Weight Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

People first need to understand what triggers their conditions like obesity and ED because the solution to the problem can only be determined when we have the exact idea of the cause. Each health ailment differs in nature and also from person to person. 

Now speaking of ties between weight and erection functionality, the latter can be negatively affected if the former is not at ideal levels. This means shedding those extra pounds will not set off your ED symptoms but taking Tadalafil Vidalista 60 Mg or Malegra 100 will help you to a great extent. In fact, your erection quality may become better with weight loss, particularly if obesity is a contributing factor.

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Does Having Sex Make You Lose Belly Fat?

Burning calories in the gym is an old way, moreover, who needs a gym membership when you can burn calories in a fun way? Did you get it? Yeah, we are talking about the obvious, the sex. However, the fact is Sex alone might not be sufficient to reduce belly circumference despite its potential for destroying a few calories. 

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Fun aside, having sex is healthy for you. Depending on how long and how hard you go, it may cause you to sweat out and burn more calories. It can also improve your health, happiness, relaxation, and sex life of both you and your partner. But don’t think that sex is enough to get rid of your belly fat. If you want to lose that stubborn flab, you need to watch what you eat and do other workouts, like running, lifting, or sprinting.

Although it can’t replace a workout regimen, sex may be a terrific addition. But if you are already dealing with ED-like disorders it can create obstacles in the way of having euphoric sex. However, Avana 200 can remove those hurdles.

Is Aging The End Of Better Sex?

Is Aging The End Of Better Sex?

Does Losing Weight Increase Penile Size?

This is the biggest myth that people often tend to believe. It’s true that following your weight loss journey your penis may look bigger to you. But it’s just your original size being revealed as the excess fat around the area diminishes. Note it guys, the size and girth of your little male member cannot be altered by slimming down on its own; it is a hereditary trait.  

Therefore, although it might boost your self-esteem and general health, cutting a few masses won’t really make your penis grow bigger. So don’t run around to find ways to make your members bigger because it is going to be a futile attempt. Rather work out your physique to give extra strength to your Mickey and a few extra seconds to your lover in the bed.

How Do We Improve Sexual Stamina In Males? 

Well, achieving robust sexual stamina is not a piece of cake because there isn’t a universally applicable answer. Achieving long-lasting benefits requires patience and a progressive approach to changing one’s lifestyle. 

So here are some golden tips and tricks to help achieve men’s stamina;

  • Frequent Workout
  • Strengthening Exercise
  • Nutritious Diet
  • Sufficient Sleep
  • Better Handling Stress
  • Cut Back On Booze And Give Up Puffing Habits
  • Sustain A Healthy Weight
  • Maintain Hydration
  • Honest Conversation With Partner
  • Expert Counsel In A Dire Situation

Losing weight is a long-term process; instead of making your spouse wait till you’ve lost the additional weight, take Caverta 100 Mg and put an end to your ED concerns.

Why Is World Obesity Day Important?

Obesity is still a matter of great concern universally but people often joke it off. Eventually, the condition doesn’t only take a toll on physical but mental health as well. It Detroit the mental condition of the obese person equally.

Speaking of obesity in men, it widely opens the door for other health disorders like erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular ailments, sugar disease, cancer, and many more.

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Overweight is a dangerous condition that, surprisingly, has taken a significant toll on lives. Let’s put an end to this terrible sickness for the sake of ourselves before it claims more lives. Only when individuals are conscious of the whole picture can this aim be accomplished.

Well, to accomplish this the concept of World Obesity Day was introduced and we commemorate it on 4 March every year. This day serves as a reminder for everyone to prioritize their health and take action against obesity.