Covid 19 No Longer A Pandemic

Covid 19: No Longer A Pandemic

May 10, 2023 By tabletmedicine 0

Finally a piece of genuine good news for the entire globe after a long time. The officials at the World Health Organisation have declared the dramatic end of Covid 19. The graph that has been on an upward trend is eventually on a downward kink now. 

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The Director General of WHO; Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke about the global epidemic during the organization’s 15th conference on Covid-19 on 4th May 2023. After discussing with bureaucratic and other international members, the council concluded to proclaim the Covid-19 pandemic as no more a global emergency. 

This news definitely spread a wave of relief among people all over the world.

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Has Covid-19 Really Disappeared? 

Although the WHO put an end to this global epidemic it has exhibited concern and urged the public to look after their health. The organization claimed that earlier this week the coronavirus outbreak still managed to kill one person every three seconds. That literally implies Covid-19 still poses a hazard to world health. The virus’s potential to upgrade its earlier versions can be deadly. You can take Iverheal 6 in such cases to inhibit viral replication. 

The data and statistics are enough to warn people about this pandemic. Approximately 764 million cases of the virus have been reported worldwide. This data is not meant to panic you but to encourage you to get the vaccination. On the good side, WHO stated almost as high as 5 billion individuals have been given at least one vaccination dose. To protect against Covid 19, get vaccinated as soon as possible.

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The Status Of Covid-19 USA?

Hospitalizations and COVID-19 fatalities have decreased by over 91% and 95%, respectively, since January 2021 in the USA. Since the beginning of the epidemic, COVID-19 cases have decreased significantly worldwide. 270 million people only in the US got one of the two doses of the vaccine. Inspired by these numbers Biden’s government too signed a bill stating COVID emergency is ending. 

In the coming days, a number of comprehensive measures to assist pandemic response are anticipated to shift, including vaccination requirements, specific monitoring and reporting, and state and federal health coverage systems, among others.

In fact, other significant nations such as France, Germany, and Great Britain also followed the same regimen. 

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Some Truths Unveiled At The WHO’s Headquarters

China’s retaliation against the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 was lauded by the WHO, despite the organization’s private reservations about China’s lack of openness and cooperation. According to some rumors, intelligence reports revealed scientists and top medical practitioners were frustrated with WHO’s negligence. For months, the WHO also recommended against the general population using masks; this error, according to many medical professionals, claimed lives.

The World Health Organization has had trouble tracing the coronavirus’s origins, a scientific endeavor that has also given rise to political conflict. Despite challenges and criticism from several nations and stakeholders, the WHO has been working to determine how the Coronavirus first appeared and spread.

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A bill requiring the declassification of material about COVID-19’s genesis was signed by the president, Joe Biden, early this year. As much of that material as feasible would be declassified and made public, according to Biden, who also vowed to uphold his constitutional right to withhold information that may jeopardize national security.

Research by the WHO in China in 2021 revealed that COVID-19 was almost certainly spread from animals to people. It also deemed the lab leak scenario “extremely unlikely” and rejected it. WHO then changed its mind and acknowledged that “crucial aspects of data” were still absent in 2022. However, The organization said that it was impossible to exclude the likelihood that the COVID-19 virus was the result of a lab accident.

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The only thing that matters apart from all these political aspects is that Coronavirus is no longer a pandemic. Citizens still need to be careful and responsibly abiding by the new laws pertaining to Covid-19. Be a responsible citizen and get all three doses of the vaccine. Get yourself educated about ‘What is Covid-19 in the deeper sense’ and Cronavirus symptoms. Spread awareness, encourage, and educate people around you about Covid news.

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