Can Metformin Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Can Metformin Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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Countless men suffer from ED every year in entire worldwide but more particularly those who have diabetes. Various variables, including cardiovascular, neurological, mental disorders, or even hormonal ones, might contribute to Erectile Dysfunction.

The male reproductive hormone testosterone, which controls libido, muscular mass, and density of bones, is one of the hormonal elements that may have an effect on impotence. Usually for this ED treatment is given for instance Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

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Age, lifestyle, and medicines are just a few factors that might have an impact on testosterone levels. Metformin, a prevalent prescription for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, is one of the drugs that may reduce testosterone levels. 

But how does metformin affect a man sexually? What steps can you take to stop it or treat it? This article will examine the relationship between metformin and ED treatments such as Cenforce 50 and Fildena 120 and offer advice and recommendations for enhancing sexual well-being.

Type 2 Diabetes In Men

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms In Men

What Is Metformin?

Metformin tablets are a popular medication for addressing type-2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. Metformin lowers your glucose levels/ blood sugar levels by enhancing your body’s use of insulin. A hormone called insulin aids in the absorption of blood glucose by your cells. The body either produces insufficient insulin or fails to effectively use it if you’ve got type 2 diabetes. You may regulate your diabetes and avoid problems with the aid of metformin. 

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What Are The Uses Of Metformin?

It is a member of the class of medications known as biguanides, which improves cell sensitivity to insulin by lowering the volume of glucose generated by the liver. Though it’s known to manage type-2 diabetes unofficially it’s also administered to treat gestational diabetes.

Additionally, it has promise as an anti-oncogenic or cancer treatment. Since metformin medication is not approved by FDA for gestational diabetes we recommend you not to use it for the said cause. In such circumstances follow the directions of a specialized medical professional. 

Does Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction are two ends of one rope. One can significantly lead to another if proper care is not exercised. And often this is the case of negligence, while suffering diabetes if a proper healthy lifestyle is not maintained erectile dysfunction is unavoidable.

Studies have indicated that over fifty percent of men with diabetes may experience ED, which is 3.5 times more prevalent in men with diabetes than in those without it. Get your ED treated with Vidalista 60 Mg from Tablet Medicine

The primary reason behind this ailment is, high blood glucose levels damage blood vessels that carry blood to the genitals, especially the penis. This is often similar to heart disease because it also affects the blood vessels that supply blood to and fro. So the short answer is yes Diabetes can potentially lead to ED along with other cardiovascular diseases sometimes. 

If you are in the initial stage of ED it can be treated with medications like Vidalista 20 Mg and Sildigra 100, which you can avail from Tablet Medicine.

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Does Metformin Cause ED?

So far we know that having type 2 diabetes can potentially cause erectile dysfunction. However, it is inevitable regardless of diabetes type but it increases the chance and severity of erectile dysfunction. 

In fact, many studies were conducted to find the link between the two but unfortunately, results were conflicting in each of them. Let’s look at some of them.

Firstly certain studies were conducted to find ‘How does metformin help ED?’ Researchers were able to track that the use of metformin beneficially influences at least two of the three mechanisms that cause Erectile Dysfunction i.e, 

  • Nitric oxide production must increase in order to cause a man to get an erection, and metformin actually aids in this process. 
  • Metformin drug enhances the control over SNS (sympathetic nervous system) another must factor for actively achieving erection. 

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However, on the other hand, few other studies discovered that the active component in metformin is linked to decreased testosterone production, resulting in low libido and perhaps triggering Erectile Dysfunction. Sometimes premature ejaculation is accompanied by erectile dysfunction but you can nurse it down with Super Tadapox or Malegra 100.
Further investigation is required to ascertain the exact linkage between metformin and Erectile Dysfunction. Nevertheless, Tablet Medicine recommends contacting a legit physician if you are experiencing the symptoms of ED while taking metformin. Additionally, you can also get Erectile Dysfunction medication such as Vidalista 80 Mg or Sildigra 250 to get hold of your ED. In short, it’s not clear yet ‘Does metformin cause erectile dysfunction?


What are the metformin side effects in men?

There are certain side effects of metformin including Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, appetite loss, stomach ache, and dysgeusia. However, many people believe that the drug can lead to erectile dysfunction too but it’s not scientifically proven yet.

Does metformin affect you sexually?

Certain studies showed that metformin may potentially lead to ED in men. So yeah it can sexually affect males but it still lakes some shreds of evidence. 

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