A Mythbusting Guide To Sexual Health Misconceptions

A Mythbusting Guide To Sexual Health Misconceptions

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Although sexual health is a crucial component of our total well-being, it is also a subject that is frequently clouded by myths and misconceptions. There are numerous sex myths that can affect our sexual health and pleasure, from the origins and treatments of erectile dysfunction to the impact of masturbation and pornography on sexual performance.

In this blog, we will dispel some of the most widespread myths about sexual health and give you sexual health facts, and trustworthy information to support a fulfilling and healthy sexual experience. For instance, One of the myths of sexuality is that sexual orientation is a choice or a phase that can be changed by therapy or religion.

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Why Is Sexual Health Important?

First of all, it is essential to understand the meaning of sexual health in the actual aspect. Sexual health and wellness refer not only to the sexuality of genders but the physical and mental aspects as well. Simply It goes beyond just being free from illness, malfunction, or impairment.

A constructive and courteous view of sexuality and sexual relationships is necessary for sexual health, as is the potential of enjoying enjoyable and safe sexual encounters that are free from force, prejudice, and abuse.

If you believe that sexual health just applies to the bedroom, then my friend you are completely wrong. It’s a wider concept than that. The overall health of humans is linked with their sexual-reproductive health which not only helps in building healthy family relationships but communities and nations as well.

Reduced anxiety and stress, increased happiness, deeper connection, improved mental health, and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease are just a few of the psychological and physical advantages that may come from having a healthy sexual life.

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In short, sexual health is a big deal than we all have thought. So it is important to get all the awareness we need for overall well-being not just as individuals but community too. 

Sexual Health Myths

It’s time to bust some popular myths that have been revolving around us and abstain us from getting true satisfaction from our sexual lives. Sexual health is important at all stages of life, not just during active reproductive years.  

Let’s bust some well-known Conception myths and facts about our sexual health. Because women’s sexual health and the sexual health of men are equally important. The following are some sexual myths and facts.

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1. Douche To Clean Your Vagina

It’s a bit shocking that nearly 1 in 5 US women aged between young adult and middle age use douching techniques very frequently. However, the majority of medical professionals advise against douching since it might upset the delicate equilibrium of the vaginal microbes and naturally produce pH in a healthy vagina.

Vagina maintains a balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria. Both are necessary to maintain the healthy functioning of Vagina. But still, if you wish, rinsing while using warm water in the shower is the most effective method of cleaning it.

2. Peeing After Coitus Won’t Help With Infections

This is another one of the most popular sexual myths. But in actuality, It’s advised to relieve yourself of any remaining sexual engorgement. The theory underlying is that while you have sex, germs, and bacteria can enter your urethra, raising the likelihood of illnesses like UTIs and STIs(sexually transmitted infections). After having sex, using the restroom assists in washing away bacteria prior to they reach the inside of the bladder. 

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3. Men Mature Sexually Earlier Than Women

This might look absurd but many people believe men reach their sexual maturity much before women. Unlike women, who reach their estrogen high in their late 20s, males reach their highest levels of testosterone at about the age of 19. However, this does not imply one must reach a specific age to take pleasure in sex. Numerous additional factors than your age affect your libido, performance, and consistency. There are lots of misconceptions about men’s sexual health.

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4. Sperm Only Has A Limited Lifespan After Being Discharged

Ladies out there, you really need to get aware of this fact. Once ejaculation is done after vaginal penetration, male sperm can upto 5 days in female reproductive organs regardless of whether you completely wash yourself. 

This means there is still a potential for conception even if you have intercourse before your partner’s ovulation window. Therefore, if you wish to prevent an unforeseen pregnancy, you should utilize contraception like a male condom and a female condom.

5. Having Sex On Period Myth

Many individuals believe that having sex while on your period is a secure technique to prevent pregnancy. Yet this isn’t always the case. If you have intercourse during a period, especially if your cycle is brief, you still have a chance of becoming pregnant. 

This is so that sperm are still capable of fertilizing an egg that is produced shortly after your period finishes and remains viable in your system for up to five days following intercourse. Although it’s uncommon, it can happen. 

However, to be sure, check your hormone levels and fertility levels by consulting and running quick tests with your doctor. 

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6. You Don’t Get STIs From Toilet Seats 

Another myth is that you can’t have a sexually transmitted infection by visiting public restrooms since such infections need close contact or the exchange of body fluids. However, that is not the case, even though the likelihood is extremely low to none. A microbe can only stay on the surface for a short period of time on a toilet seat but practicing sexual hygiene and public hygiene is your responsibility only. 

So if you were in denial till now, it’s time to get that awareness. Transmission of STIs is not just limited to sex(vaginal, oral, or anal).

7. HPV Cannot Infect Men

HPV has become more frequent than it was before a decade. But if you think men are immune to HPV then buddy you are wrong. This virus can potentially affect men as well.

Most individuals will experience it at some time throughout their life since it is so widespread. Although HPV mostly goes away on its own, it can occasionally be quite problematic. In some circumstances, untreated HPV can cause cancer. For this reason, it’s crucial to get diagnosed with HPV and, if necessary, vaccinated. That’s Why safe sex and protection are utmost. 

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In this article, we’ve debunked some of the most pervasive sexual fallacies that might harm your sexual well-being and fulfillment. We now understand that sexuality is a complicated and varied facet of human existence that cannot be distilled down to a set of precepts or laws.

We have also discovered that maintaining good sexual health involves not just avoiding illnesses and unintended pregnancies but also appreciating and respecting both your own and your partner’s sexuality. That’s Why useful sex education is important.

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