A Common Virus Spread Through Sex Can Cause Cancer

A Common Virus Spread Through Sex Can Cause Cancer

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The frequency of STDs has risen in the past few decades leading to misconceptions among people that STDs are more common and can easily treat. Although the government has availed and facilitated treatment widely the dangers of STDs are still significant. And among them, one is Cancer, shocking, isn’t it?

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Well if this seems hard to believe, we have dug out some data. In fact, looking at them even we were a bit shocked. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), at least one sexually transmitted illness affects over one out of every four teenage girls in the United States, with black women seeing the greatest rates of infection.

Approximately 26% i.e, 32 million American girls aged between 14 and 19 are encountered with at least one STD whether genital herpes, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, or HPV itself.  

Among these data, it was found that 48% were black While 20% of white teen girls are suffering from STDs. And this data is quite disturbing. 

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But what’s more alarming is the new findings that showed HPV can lead to cancer. Yup if you haven’t been cautious till now, I guess it’s time. Let’s dive deep into what exactly this new study says. 

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A New Study Reveals HPV Can Lead To Various Kinds Of Cancers 

According to a recent study, HPV, the most prevalent Sexually Transmitted Infection in the USA, can lead to a variety of serious malignancies, particularly cervical cancer. The majority of Americans weren’t expecting this since they were not aware that Cancer and human papillomavirus are related. And researchers at CDC say HPV is so common that almost every sexually active woman and men gets it at least once. Just like every men encounters ED once in their lifetime. However, there are medications such as Cenforce 100 and Fildena 100 to treat the problem. So what about HPV?

Researchers examined data from a nationwide survey that tracked Americans’ awareness of the virus and infections linked to cancer. The poll was conducted as part of the ‘Health Information National Trends’ Study. The poll received between 2,000 and 2,300 responses per year, spanning 2014 and each year from 2017 through 2020.

They discovered that, on average, nearly two-thirds of the participants were aware of HPV. In 2020, 70.2% of that population knew of the connection between the HPV virus and cervical cancer, a substantial 7.4% decline from 77.6% in 2014.

In fact, among them just 30% approx who were aware of HPV also knew it could cause Throat cancers and anal cancer as well.  

What Is HPV And Its Risks?

The widespread virus known as the human papillomavirus (HPV) can harm several bodily organs, including the genitalia. The vulva, vagina, cervix, penis, and in short, the genitalia can all be impacted by over 30 different HPV variants. The primary source of transmission for STIs, or sexually transmitted illnesses, is skin-to-skin contact. However, certain HPV strains are extremely risky and can cause diseases like cervical cancer. The majority of HPV variants are benign. This can avoid with the aid of early diagnosis and therapy.

Approximately 47,000 people are diagnosed with an HPV-related illness each year, including penile, vaginal, oropharyngeal, cervical, anal, or vulval cancer, according to the CDC. The majority of occurrences of invasive cervical cancer, with 13,800 cases recorded each year in America, according to the American Cancer Society.  Cervical cancer appears considerably more frequently than non-cancerous cells.

Anti-Cancer HPV Vaccination

The latest findings coincide with a rise in anti-vaccine sentiment and a drop in childhood immunization rates in the United States. The HPV vaccination, which was initially authorized in 2006 for females to avoid cervical cancer, has long been met with hostility.

It was because many parents questioned the safety of the vaccination and believed it is not essential. while Some have balked at getting their kids the HPV vaccine out of worry that it might promote sexual experimentation. But all of these are just superstitious and orthodox beliefs of the people. 

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But we need to create awareness and educate people about the importance of these vaccines. If you are a parent to a young adolescent child encourage them to get HPV vaccines. In fact, individuals up to the age of 45 have lately received clearance.

The current HPV vaccination protects against 9 variants of HPV that have been linked to cancer. Doctors say we could eliminate this  cancer completely if only the people wouldn’t believe the internet rumors and trust their doctors. 

According to studies, the HPV vaccination has already significantly improved youngsters’ health. 11.5% of adolescent females had one HPV variant in the mid-2000s. The CDC reports that ten years later, that number fell to 1.8%.


The doctors claimed that regardless of whether a person has already been exposed to variants of cancer, the vaccination may still shield them against acquiring further cancer-causing strains. The people still believing they don’t require the vaccination, doctors added, “is usually pretty startling. “It’s a characteristic of people to believe they won’t develop cancer. Get huge discounts and offers from tabletmedicine on buying Malegra 120, Vidalista 40, and many more.

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